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FHWien der WKW Appointed Three Staff Members as FH Professors

October 6, 2022

Florian Aubke, Daniela Ortiz Avram and Katharina Ulm were thus honored for their achievements in teaching and research.

Vienna, October 6, 2022 FHWien der WKW has conferred the title of “Fachhochschul-Professor” or “Fachhochschul-Professorin” on three members of staff. Beate Huber, Chair of the Academic Board of FHWien der WKW, and Deputy Chair Sebastian Eschenbach presented the certificates to Florian Aubke, Daniela Ortiz Avram and Katharina Ulm at a ceremony on Tuesday, October 4, 2022, which was attended by colleagues and relatives of the honorees at the university of applied sciences for management and communication. Sabine Sedlacek, Vice President and Head of the School of Sustainability, Governance, and Methods at Modul University Vienna, gave the keynote address.

“Staff members who are equally competent in teaching and research are the heart of a university and central to its success,” said Chair of the Academic Board Beate Huber. “The conferral of the title ‘FH-Professor’ or ‘FH-Professorin’ recognizes the contributions Florian Aubke, Daniela Ortiz Avram and Katharina Ulm have made to our university of applied sciences.”

The awarding of the title “FH-Professor” by the owner in agreement with the Academic Board is based on strict criteria. The requirements include a doctorate, proof of practice-oriented research activities as well as defined achievements in teaching and further education.

FH-Prof. Dr. Florian Aubke

Florian Aubke has been Head of Tourism & Hospitality Management Study Programs at FHWien der WKW since 2019. He teaches a wide range of topics in hospitality management, including hotel asset management, revenue management and hotel development. His research interests include relational aspects of creativity, innovation and organizational design – with particular application to the hospitality and tourism industry. Florian Aubke regularly contributes to the development of university programs on an international level and participates as a reviewer in the accreditation and certification of study programs. Daniela Ortiz Avram

Daniela Ortiz Avram has been working at FHWien der WKW since 2016. She serves there as Academic Head of the Institute for Business Ethics and Sustainable Strategy (IBES) and Head of the City of Vienna Competence Team “Change for Corporate Sustainability”. Prior to that, she led a competence team for sustainable and strategic management of SMEs, also funded by the City of Vienna. She has been working with domestic companies in research projects on corporate responsibility and sustainability management for over 10 years. Daniela Ortiz attaches great importance to the transfer of research results to teaching and companies. In this way, she would like to contribute to the transformation of the economy towards more sustainability. MMag.a Katharina Ulm

Katharina Ulm has been working at FHWien der WKW since 2009 and was involved in setting up the Competence Team for Entrepreneurship, which focused on topic- and research-specific enrichment of the curricula. She also led an international EU project on product innovation to ensure competitiveness. She is responsible for Research Skills and Methods in the Management & Entrepreneurship study programs with a focus on the Master’s program. In her research and publication projects, Katharina Ulm investigates how innovation orientation contributes to the success of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).


FHWien der WKW has conferred the title of “FH-Professor” on three members of staff. From left to right: Sebastian Eschenbach (Deputy Chair of the Academic Board), the new FH professors Katharina Ulm, Daniela Ortiz Avram and Florian Aubke, and Beate Huber (Chair of the Academic Board).
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