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The winners of the prizes for Innovative Teaching have been decided!

November 26, 2020

The academic year 2019/2020 was certainly a very special year for all of us. Nobody could have foreseen when the teaching award was announced that we would have 100 % online teaching from March 12, 2020. Many submissions have shown that it is possible to convert a wide variety of courses in highest quality and to the satisfaction of the students in an online course. This award shall also honor the enormous effort that went into these projects.

The jury, headed by Sebastian Eschenbach, consisted of the members of the Academic Board: Florian Aubke, Daniela Ortiz, Manfred Schieber, Gabriele Zeiner as well as Olivia Vrabl and Michael Mair. The jury met on October 13, 2020 and made the following decisions:

In the category “Innovative Teaching Concept for an Entire Course”, the prize was awarded to Steffi Bärmann and Felicia Fuchs for the course “Coaching Fundamentals” in the Master’s Program in Organizational & Human Resources Development. They have shown that a pure social skills course can also be successfully held online through a wealth of many very creative ideas.

In the category “Individual Innovative Elements”, the team Elisabeth Gräf and Roman Kellner were awarded for their use of improvisational theater in the course “Text Workshop” in the Bachelor’s program in Corporate Communication. Through the integration of elements of improvisational theater all senses are addressed, creativity is stimulated and new approaches to learning are created.

We congratulate the winning projects, thank all participants and are already looking forward to the submissions for the Teaching Award 2021!