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The Teaching Awards 2023 were presented on 9 November!

December 20, 2023
Die PreisträgerInnen des Lehrpreis 2023
© Markus Hechenberger

The Didactics Working Group selected the following winners from a total of 14 submissions:

The Teaching Award 2023 in Category A “Recipes for success for integrated courses” is shared by Sabine Melnicki for her project “Two Women” and Stefan Nafra for the development of individual learning paths.

In Category B “Sustainable Development Goals in Teaching”, the Teaching Award 2023 was shared equally between Stefan Wrbka for the implementation of an inclusive course and Dominik E. Fröhlich for the creation of videos analysing statistics on sustainability topics.

The appreciation prizes go to Julia Domanovich, Nicola Lowenstein, Paul Stuefer, Gloria-Sophia Warmuth and Stefan Teufl.

We congratulate all award winners and would like to thank all participating teachers!