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FIRST HOMECOMING 2018 – Graduate Get-Together

January 31, 2018

On Tuesday, January 16, 2018, more than 50 graduates attended Financial Management Study Programs’ and Alumni & Co’s “FIRST HOMECOMING”, meeting up together at FH-Wien.

It was a well-attended event and attendees were very happy to catch up with each other! Numerous alumni, lecturers and staff met on 16th January 2018 in the Spiga Lounge at FHWien. Participants included some of the very first graduates of the diploma degree program as well as more recent Bachelor’s and Master’s graduates of the past few years. All-in-all, graduates from seventeen different graduating classes were invited.

At the beginning Uwe Lübbermann from Hamburg gave a keynote talk entitled “The Impossible Company”. In his talk, Lübbermann spoke about how companies can be organized as “consensus democracies”. As managing director of the beverage brand Premium, he receives the same salary as all other employees. He does not conclude contracts; not even with suppliers. And it works. His motto is: “Premium wants to live and propagate a high-quality, fair, ecological and socially sustainable economic model .” The audience thus received an insight into an unusual model far from what can be found in any textbooks.

After the talk, we continued to the in-house Spiga Lounge. Visitors were welcomed by Manfred Dirngrabner, Head of Bachelor’s and Master´s Programs, and Isabella Tömpe, Head of Alumni&Co. For many, it was their first visit since FH-Wien relocated in 2007. During the evening, attendees exchanged memories, updated each other on their professional steps since graduating, and forged future plans . After over 20 years, the Financial Management Study Programs now have over 1200 graduates. We look forward to also welcoming you to the annual FIRST HOMECOMING in the future and expanding the network of successful graduates of the Financial Management study programs!