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Congratulations to the first MSc graduates in Industrial and Communications Psychology!

July 19, 2018

The final exams for the Master’s Degree in Industrial and Communication Psychology at FHWien der WKW were held between July 9th and July 11th, 2018. Out of this first year, 37 students successfully graduated from the four-semester degree program.

In cooperation with the Akademisches Lehrinstitut Lübeck (ALP), the program features distance learning and other innovative didactic elements. Multimodal concepts of both learning and examination comprise creating relevant audio and video content for business processes as well as research methods like employing established scientific models by using research logs. This innovative set of didactic tools vouches for a goal-oriented transfer of both academic and applied knowledge and strongly emphasizes practical competences and skills.

Graduates who already have successful careers are now prepared for even more ambitious steps up the ladder.

Due to high demand, the MSc in Industrial and Communication Psychology will now start in the winter and summer term of each academic year!