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CCBE team lesson plan published as book chapter by Routledge

December 19, 2022

FHWien der WKW’s Competence Center for Business English (CCBE) is very proud to announce its first contribution to a Routledge teaching resource book.

Following a conference presentation by Catherine Prewett-Schrempf, Head of Competence Center for Business English, and Matthew Urmston, Academic Expert & Lecturer, CCBE took up an offer from Vander Viana, Professor at the University of East Anglia, to contribute a chapter to “Teaching English with Corpora”, recently published by Routledge.

The book includes very useful resources and ideas on how to use corpora in the English language classroom. CCBE’s chapter focuses on a mini-lesson where students analyze and compare their own use of language in business correspondence with that of a freely available corpus of business e-mails. The aim of the lesson is to increase student awareness of how a variety of adverbs can be used to boost their messages.