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Employees’ word raps

Ute Erhart-Tschakl

Ute Erhart-Tschakl

Teamcoordinator STA

Student Affairs/Study Services


I feel motivated, when I can help shape things and see that this is successful.

My first career aspiration: Princess

Work and family are easy for me to combine due to the flexible working hours.

I laugh heartily about many things.

I cope with stress good, because the support from my colleagues is very good.

My favourite dish: Salad in any form

My favorite place at FHWien der WKW: the office of STA – as we always have a lot of fun

My favorite book: Pride and Prejudice

I am full of energy, actually always but especially when new challenges come up for my team.

What I like about my job, that it never gets boring and is constantly evolving.

My secret of success: that I really enjoy what I do.

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