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Markus König

Markus König

Academic Expert & Lecturer
Capital Markets

Financial Management Study Programs


I feel motivated when I see a group of people working together on projects or goals that correspond to their ideals and ideas.

My first career dream: to work as a doctor in a rehabilitation center for children.

For me, work and family are our most formative areas of life, which should not be mutually exclusive, but should complement one another.

I can laugh heartily at things that highlight our lovable and human sides in a charming way.

The best way to cope with stress is by planning my tasks and being consistent in pursuing my goals.

I like to eat best … hmm, I can’t answer that because I like so many things!

My favorite place at FHWien der WKW: I like to be in the mobile office with my colleagues, but also to be in a quiet think tank so that I can concentrate on my work. The variety is best!

My favorite book: I generally love books that describe world politics and contemporary developments from a factual perspective.

I am full of energy when I can complete certain projects and tasks.

What I like about my job: The diversity, cooperation with students and the opportunity to pass on my professional experience.

The secret of my success is that I get to the bottom of things, implement my tasks in the best possible way and keep the actual goal in mind.

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