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Marian Adolf

Marian Adolf

Senior Researcher

Department of Communication


I feel motivated, to better understand how we humans mutually create individual identities and social communities through communication. The exciting thing is that many things are based on this connection: Which football club I support, which brands I buy, which values I represent, which media I consume, and much more.

My first career aspiration: I think I wanted to be Han Solo. Then a radio DJ. But academia is also quite nice!

Work and family are both a lot of work, and I love both dearly!

I laugh a lot. Humour is the best medicine!

I cope with stress by retreating into the company of my family.

My favorite dish: I like to mix it up: Indian, Thai, Mediterranean, Austrian, Würstelstand!

My favorite place at FHWien der WKW are the stairwells, corridors and balconies of our university of applied sciences, because that’s where you meet the most interesting people and have the best conversations!

My favorite book is always the one I urgently NEED to read. Until the next one comes along…

I am full of energy because everything else is worse 🙂

What I like about my job, is that it never gets boring, because there are always new questions to explore, puzzles to solve, people to meet…

My secret of success: The distinctive quality of a secret lies in its exclusive knowledge, doesn’t it?

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