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Karin Dudziak

Karin Dudziak

Contract Administration
External Lecturers

Human Resources & Legal


I feel motivated when I manage to find solutions, even in difficult situations.

My first career aspiration: teacher

Work and family can be perfectly combined in my job.

I can almost always laugh heartily!

I cope with stress … sometimes better, sometimes less good.

My favourite dish is pizza.

My favorite place at FHWien der WKW is my office – here I can always see what’s going on on the balcony of the 6th floor.

My favorite book is my thick puzzle book. This is how I keep my brain busy.

I am full of energy when I am motivated by new challenges.

What I like about my job is difficult to say, actually everything – it is diverse, interesting and meaningful!

My secret of success: I am committed, motivated and enthusiastic.

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