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Employees’ word raps

Gregor Petrovitz

Gregor Petrovitz

Office Manger – Student Affairs

Study Services


I feel motivated to find solutions in difficult situations with my wonderful team.

My first career aspiration: Children’s book author

Work and family are easy to reconcile thanks to my flex time.

I can laugh heartily relatively often. Thanks to the great humor of my colleagues!

I cope with stress by still taking enough time for myself.

My favourite dish is arabic cuisine.

My favorite place is the archive. The silence there is perfect for introspection when you’re in over your head.

My favorite book: The Chronicles of Narnia

I am full of energy after my morning coffee.

What I like about my job is the flexibility I enjoy with my home office days and flex time.

My secret of success is a great circle of friends who give you enough energy in your free time to get through the daily work routine

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