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Elka Xharo

Elka Xharo

Academic Expert and Lecturer

Studienbereich Digital Economy


I feel motivated when I am surrounded by appreciative colleagues with a creative and courageous spirit.

My first career aspiration: Undecided until graduation, all subjects were my favorites.

Work and family should not be mutually exclusive – especially for women.

I laugh heartily with friends or when I come across funny memes.

I cope with stress with my two cats, who are calm as can be.

My favourite dish are sweet pancakes, a childhood favorite.

My favorite place is room B504, the lecture hall with many windows.

My favorite book is “Der verkaufte Feminismus. Wie aus einer politischen Bewegung ein profitables Label wurde” by Beate Hausbichler.

I am full of energy when I have many creative opportunities and don’t have to wake up too early.

What I like about my job is the ability to work creatively, independently, and still with a lot of support.

My secret of success is to stay true to your values and ideals and aim to make the world a little better with them.

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