Guest (Virtual) Lectures at KOMMAS

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3rd semester Master students at KOMMAS welcomed Japanese, Finnish and Austrian guest lecturers

Within the framework of the lecture “Cross-Cultural and Diversity Management” (Suman Lederer), winter semester this year brought again some very interesting topics and guest lecturers to KOMMAS.

Jiro Tomioka, Teaching Assistant Professor at the Aarhus University in Denmark, presented, in a live virtual session, on October 20, the Japanese Culture. Starting with the visible and invisible aspects of the Japanese Culture, he also spoke about traditional as against contemporary aspects, and the typical misunderstandings in communication.

Anette Kairikko, Senior Lecturer, HAAGA-HELIA University of Applied Sciences, Finland, presented, also in a live virtual session, on 21 November, Doing Business in the Nordic Countries. She spoke about, amongst others, image and identity in terms of regions and nations, and the similarities and differences in the markets.

Michael Lederer, Head of Technology Transfer, spoke to the students about Cross-Cultural (Mis) Understandings on 18 September. Narrating anecdotes from his extensive travels all around the world, he spoke to the students about communication misunderstandings in high-level international negotiations and the significance of Cross-Cultural Communication.

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