3rd Fireplace talk "IOT in business - A digital futuretrail approach"


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Wann: 16.05.2019
Uhrzeit: 19:00 Uhr
Wo: Lauder Business School (Hofzeile 18-20, 1190 Wien)

Robert Kotal, a lecturer at Lauder Business School, will present his talk with the title “IOT IN BUSINESS - A DIGITAL FUTURETRAIL APPROACH* on May 16th at 7.p.m. at Lauder Business School (Hofzeile 18-20, 1190 Wien).

An outlook to Robert Kotal’s talk:
“Everybody is talking about digitalization - we're doing it": From the professional background of the initiator in the financial industry, its clearly to be seen that graduates of legal or economic studies need to have a basic understanding of current technologies. Even though ethical and sustainable decisions are still made by humans, we can see that certain judgements are more and more supported by machines; therefore a CEOs responsibility is also to understand the way of algorithms creating values. This is also shared by the European Union which may impose penalties up to EUR 5 millions in certain cases.

For a proper knowledge transfer we entangled a completely new methodology (W-A-V-E) which is intended to introduce the contents of this approach to students in a cooperative and hands-on way.


In case you missed the first talk of this series which was held by Andreas Schachenhuber at LBS last week, you can find a short summary of the event including some pictures on our website: https://www.lbs.ac.at/2019/01/29/how-pioneers-in-digital-business-like-amazon-airbnb-spotify-co-change-our-way-of-thinking-about-business/


Furthermore, we would like to inform you, that it’s possible to additionally register for a Campus Tour at LBS starting 30 minutes before the talk. Lauder Business School is located in the beautiful Marie-Theresien-Schlössel in Vienna’s 19th district, which was the former winter residence of empress Maria Theresia. Thus, the campus is embedded in an imperial, baroque surrounding, that is worth being visited. Please mention your interest in joining the campus tour in your registration mail to office@lbs.ac.at to ensure your participation in both, the talk and the campus tour.


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