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Products and services should be brought to people efficiently. Trained experts in marketing & sales are needed for this purpose. The practice-based continuing education program Marketing & Sales offers committed retail workers the chance to prepare themselves for demanding managerial roles – even without a Bachelor’s degree or a school-leaving certificate (Matura): The continuing education track at FHWien der WKW and WIFI is easy to bring under one roof while working, and supports students in sustainably developing their skills in the area of management and leadership

As part of the Academy for Continuing Education in Marketing & Sales, students can choose either a program with the duration of

  • four semesters (awarded a Master of Science) or
  • two semesters (awarded the title Academic Expert).

MSc Marketing and Sales Management

Master of Science
University Places
per state in all LandesWIFIs

Academic expert for Sales & Marketing

Academic expert for Sales & Marketing
University places
per state in all LandesWIFIs



The continuing education program in Marketing and Sales Management is offered in two formats:

  • As a two year continuing education Master completed with the title “Master of Science (MSc) Marketing and Sales Management” or
  • As a one year certificate degree program completed with the title “Academic Expert for Marketing and Sales Management

The continuing education program for Marketing and Sales Management is offered in cooperation with WIFI Austria.





Type of degree program



Language of instruction


Start of degree program

In fall

Place of study

LandesWIFIs in the whole of Austria



Academic expert for Sales & Marketing: € 5,900 for the whole degree program

MSc Marketing and Sales Management: € 12,500 for the whole degree program


Both degree programs are carried out by WIFI Austria together with FHWien der WKW. The contents are made up of modules and is completed with a Master’s thesis.

Focus & Qualifications

Two steps towards becoming a leader in Marketing and Sales

The continuing education program in Marketing and Sales offers the chance for applicants with completed vocational training and many years of professional experience in business to gain a university-level qualification.

The continuing education program offers the opportunity for students to attain a qualification at university level and is a successful combination of compact, theoretically sound training and a practice-based education. Graduates can take on a leadership position in marketing and sales areas in all industries or be self-employed.



Know more – do more

The requirements of the labor market are growing and growing – making it increasingly important to be “fit for the job” after completing your degree program. Curricula are improved on an ongoing basis so as to fit in with developments in the working world and new international trends. This is to prepare our graduates for the beginning of – or the next step in – their careers. Our motto spans from “know more” to “do more” – meaning that we focus more on practical strengths learned. Teaching, learning and exams at FHWien der WKW are completed in modules. This means: Topic blocks make up modules, and at the end of the module there is an exam.

What is a module?

A module is a teaching unit consisting of multiple topic blocks, which are thematically linked and cover a specific area relevant to the degree program. In this module, clearly defined skills will be developed, with an examination of all sub elements at the end.

How does it help students?

Teaching is directed towards learning outcomes. Competency-based learning and fewer exams – which are integrated and more comprehensive – make up the curricula. Students’ personal development and their employability in business is our central goal.

Job & Career

The continuing education program in Marketing and Sales Management qualifies its graduates for the following roles:

  • Head of Marketing or Sales in a medium-sized company
  • Online marketing specialist
  • Junior / senior product / brand manager
  • Product manager
  • (Junior) consultant at a marketing and PR agency
  • Account or key account manager
  • Regional manager, area manager, unit manager
  • Internal/external sales support
  • Independent marketing and sales expert


Target group & Admission requirements: Academic expert for Sales and Marketing

  • Apprenticeship certificate or high-school leaving certificate
  • At least two years of relevant professional experience having completed an apprenticeship

Target group & Admission requirements: MSc Marketing and Sales Management

  • Completed first degree (to at least Bachelor level) from a recognized Austrian or equivalent university and at least one year of professional experience OR
  • At least six years of relevant professional experience – of which at least one year is spent in a leadership position. Students who have completed an apprenticeship must have completed at least three years of relevant professional experience having finished their apprenticeship.

Application process

Application takes place at your chosen LandesWIFI.

Program information

Your nearest LandesWIFI can answer any questions you may have.


  • Tax reimbursement: You can write off the tuition fees against your taxes, as long as the continuing education program is relevant or related to your current occupational field. The tax advantage depends on your total income. You could be reimbursed for up to 43.6% of the tuition fees!
    More information can be found here:
    Bundesministerium für Finanzen (Federal Ministry of Finance)
    Hintere Zollamtsstraße 2b, 1030 Wien
    Tel.: 01/514 33-0
    The e-mail contact form can be found here:
  • BFB Training allowance for companies:

All information is without guarantee. Please be aware that we cannot make any guarantees about subsidies!


Thomas Schmid

Mag. Thomas Schmidt

Head of Marketing & Sales Management Study Programs

Head of Bachelor’s Program Marketing & Sales

Head of Competence Center for Marketing

Head of Program MSc Marketing and Sales Management

Raphaela Köfner, BA

Program Manager