Research Cluster SMEs & Family Businesses

Competence Center for Strategy & Competitiveness

Strategic Management & Corporate Governance

The Competence Center for Corporate Strategy and Competitiveness (CCSC) was founded in 2016. The overall objective of the center is to conduct rigorous research projects and develop into a nationally and internationally visible institution for topics in the fields of strategic management and corporate governance. The research focus of the CCSC focuses on the following areas:

  • Corporate Strategy and Competitiveness
  • Corporate Governance
  • SMEs and Entrepreneurship
  • Regions and Clusters

In 2018, the endowed professorship “Microeconomics of Competitiveness” (MOC) was integrated into the center, which receives financial support from WKW and focuses on practically relevant Research.

CCSC also coordinates the membership of FHWien der WKW in the global MOC network, which was founded and is led by the Harvard Business School under the direction of Professor Michael Porter. The MOC network includes more than 100 leading business schools worldwide.

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