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Research at FHWien der WKW

Research for Businesses

Research and Development Projects

FHWien der WKW has over 70 partners and customers from business with which we have carried out research and development projects. This is a sign that we are recognized for concentrating on the practical requirements of our partners.

We follow a clear line that is geared towards the competitiveness of businesses. This is determined by our ability to recognize the meaning of innovation, to take on new challenges and to develop the expertise necessary for market success in professionally managed R&D projects.

To meet these requirements we have divided our R&D activities into three research priorities, so as to use our experts’ skills optimally.

Our Method

We offer different ways of dealing with R&D tasks:

  • Research projects where we use extensive resources and infrastructure as part of our research priorities.
  • Working through specific individual issues of a company as part of a doctoral thesis or final thesis (Bachelor’s thesis, Master’s thesis)
  • Business field projects that students can work on throughout a course

A high level of flexibility plays a distinct role in this: in defining research topics, carrying out research and in the transfer of results.

We advise businesses about optimal methodical and practical approaches and choose the tools necessary for practical and useable results. In the center of our approach is the individual interests of our partners and clients – allowing us to create a maximum amount of applicable knowledge.

Its Use

The requirements from clients and partners range from the mining of basic information for feasibility studies to the development of new models, for example for real estate valuation, to questions about customer acceptance and the marketing of products for market research projects.

The transfer of R&D results to business is also an important objective: We accompany our clients and partners in the implementation of results on-site.

We do all this in a comprehensive way: We have the competence to answer questions on an array ranging from HR and knowledge management to operative management and financial management, making our results tangible and useful.