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Brigitte Hampel

Brigitte Hampel

Academic Expert & Lecturer
Human Resources Management / Organizational Development

Human Resources & Organization Study Programs


I feel motivated when I sense that my efforts are paying off and the first partial results become visible.

My first career wish: I wanted to become a writer (maybe it will still work out…).

Career and family are easily compatible and that is important to me. I am passionate about working in the field of human resources management, happily married and mother of three wonderful children – there is always something going on.

I can almost always laugh heartily – everything is much easier with a sense of humor.

I cope with stress by focusing on the essentials.

My favorite food is Italian.

My favorite place at FHWien der WKW: I can usually be found on the 3rd floor. But I also like to try out the offices on the other floors.

My favorite book: “To Nowhere, Please! On foot through the Mongolian Wilderness” – absolutely inspiring!

I am usually full of energy in the morning.

I almost always enjoy my work. I like what I do, I really blossom in my field of activity; if that is ever lost, I will change something.

My secret to success: I try to move with the times, not against them.

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