International Students Workshop „Sustainability & Tourism“

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Studierende unserer Partneruniversität in Jihlava, Tschechien lernten gemeinsam mit 10 Bachelor- studierenden des Instituts für Tourismus-Management zum Thema „Sustainability & Tourism“.

International Student Workshop

“How sustainable are Vienna’s restaurants?” This was the main question at the international students workshop held at the University of Applied Sciences for Management & Communication. The students attended lectures on sustainability and conducted a mystery guest analysis focusing on sustainable restaurants in Vienna. A priority of the workshop was the intercultural collaboration between the students, which is a fundamental competence in the tourism industry. A fact emphasised by the students:

„…I got to know new people and learned new things about sustainability“
„…it is a great possibility to learn something new with international ideas“
„…teamwork between the students was great...“

Wir danken unseren Partnern:

College of Polytechnics Jihlava
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